Month: January 2020

How Long Should a Refrigerator Last?

If you’re old enough to remember the old joke, “Is your refrigerator running? Then you better catch it,” then you’re probably old enough to know that a refrigerator breaking down is no laughing matter. A quality refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in any household. But how long can you expect one to last?

What are the Different Types of Refrigerators?

How long a refrigerator will last may, in part, be dependent on what type you purchase. There are fridges that have the freezer on the top while others have them on the bottom. There’s also the popular side-by-side fridge. The most basic refrigerators tend to last the longest. This would include the simple single door type of fridge.

What Can Go Wrong with a Refrigerator?

Just like with almost any electrical appliance, there are dozens of things that can potentially go wrong with a refrigerator. Some basic problems that occur with refrigerators include water leaking, a freezer that doesn’t stay cold enough, and a fridge that is either too warm or too cold. Keeping up with repairs will help ensure that your fridge lasts as long as possible.

What Kind of Repairs Will You Need to Make?

Some repairs are easy and relatively inexpensive. Other repairs may not be worth the money. You may want to repair a fridge yourself with GE refrigerator parts or it may be necessary to call in a professional. A water leak could be simply the result of a disconnected hose. Anything that has to do with electrical problems or wiring will probably require a professional. You don’t want to attempt anything unsafe or risk creating more problems.

How Can You Keep Your Refrigerator Running Efficiently?

Even though you probably don’t want to go catch it, you definitely want to keep your fridge running in top condition for as long as possible. It’s true that a fridge will run more efficiently if it’s kept full. Emptier fridges may require extra energy to keep both temperature and humidity regulated. You’ll want to keep the fridge stocked will all your favorite food to keep it running as effectively as possible!

How Long Will a Refrigerator Last?

Many professionals will tell you that a new fridge will last 7 to 15 years. Some people, however, will tell you that a refrigerator can last much longer. With good maintenance and a little luck, some refrigerators will last well past the 20 year mark. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that most warranties only last one year.

If you want your refrigerator to last as long as possible make sure to keep it clean, keep it full, and use quality GE refrigerator parts if you would need any repairs. While you probably don’t want to run after your fridge to catch it, you definitely want to keep it running for as long as possible!
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